Beautiful bespoke furniture, woodcrafts and charming ceramics are being made to order in Berg & Bloomfields busy studio workshop tucked away in rural Shropshire.


Steve Bloomfield


A landscape gardener by trade, Steve began making tables, chairs and storage boxes from oak left after the big storm of 1987 which devastated UK woodland.

A great believer in recycling, Steve has built up a beautiful portfolio of woodcraft made from reclaimed or ethically sourced timber. This includes a bespoke kitchen (made from leftover Indian hardwood pallets used to deliver patio slabs to his home) though to smaller pieces of “feature furniture” like his printer’s draw coffee table, where the glass covered coffee table used to display memorabilia in the individual compartments once used for storing typefaces.

Annette Berg


Annette’s inspiration for her individual hand thrown pottery comes from a love of nature developed from travelling in New Zealand and the USA.


Working with a variety of clays, including porcelain, earthenware and stoneware, Annette produces individual patterns and shapes. Simple floral and petal shapes and geometric patterns give a “retro” feel to her bespoke products.


With an honours degree in ceramics and experience at a national renowned pottery firm, this talented potter handcrafts fine hand thrown and individual studio ceramics.